How to work with the Pro Dashboard

Product Name,

Product Description

Please put the description of your product that you’d like to show up on the website under ‘Short Product Description’, not under ‘


When setting the price of the item, please make sure not to put a dollar sign in the amount, or it will say ‘please put a valid amount’.  US dollars are the standard unit of currency on this site already.


When placing images of your items on your page, it might be a bit confusing as to where to place the image.  The image that shows up on your store page will be set under ‘Set Featured Image’.  You will need to click ‘Set Featured Image’, choose your image from a file on your computer, and place it here.  If there is an image already there you will need to click ‘Remove product image’ and then proceed.  Under ‘Set Gallery Images’ additional images may be added that further describe your product.  These will show up once the user of the site, or the customer, clicks ‘More..’ and goes to a further description of your item.  After you have uploaded your image of choice, please click the button to the lower right ‘Set Featured Image’.


When placing a one of a kind item on your vendor site, you must set stock quantity to one.  That way, the item goes out of stock when purchased and it’s impossible for someone else to buy it from your page or for someone to accidentally buy it twice.  To accomplish this, go to product data, inventory, and click manage stock on an individual level.  Then set the stock quantity to 1.